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In 1972 they did a free concert on the North Texas Univ. She was Miss America in 1971 and was going to North Texas at the time or shortly before. Whether he was dating her, now I may have just imagined that, can't seem to find anything about it on the net.

Q: You retired from ESPN and ABC in January, but here you are working at the new job in Las Vegas. Q: When you did your last game with ESPN (a college basketball game between Georgia and Kentucky at Rupp Arena) on Jan. I knew I would miss the excitement of college sports, but it didn't seem like I was stepping away from everything.

As Bree enters the room George says goodbye to Rex and quickly heads for the door, leaving with Bree.

George and Bree return from another enjoyable date and Bree hugs him goodbye once she sees Rex looking through the window.

His lack of luck with Dame Shirley was not a sign of things to come for O'Connor, however.

He married his fourth wife, Jodie Brooke Wilson, two years ago when she was 38.

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They meet for a picnic a few days later but when George places his hand on Bree's leg she uncomfortably suggests that they leave.

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