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is laying the groundwork for the break up and rearrangement of these couples.

Two of these splits could be to help smooth the way for the return of Adam Newman, whose recast has been rumored for quite a while.

The character is known as an antihero, described as "one of the most devious characters on daytime" by The Advocate.

In 2013, Muhney was fired from the role and made his last appearance on January 30, 2014; later that year, Justin Hartley was cast as Adam, who portrayed Adam for an additional two years before vacating the role on September 1, 2016.

abour had less than 45 minutes to celebrate holding Stoke-on-Trent Central before the announcement, at 2.54am this morning, that it had suffered one of its worst by-election results in its history by losing Copeland to the Conservatives.

It was a bad night for Ukip leader Paul Nuttall, but the historic scale of Labour’s defeat, the most crushing for an opposition party since 1945, made it far more serious for Jeremy Corbyn.

Auditions back in May hinted that the CBS soap was looking for a new face to play the Newman son, and the most recent plot twists seem to indicate it could be coming soon.

Here’s a look at the couples facing the chopping block and what’s next for them.

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