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Zu sehen war das beispielsweise bei den ersten Videos, die unaufwendig und mit spartanischer Ausstattung produziert wurden.Im ersten Musikvideo agierte die Band schlicht in einem nebeligen Raum voller bunter Lichter. (including: Just We Two, TV Makes The Superstar, Juliet, Ready For The Victory, Last Exit To Brooklyn, Win The Race, Don`t Take Away My Heart, China In Her eyes, Sexy Sexy Lover, You Are Not Alone, Brother Louie 98, You`re My Heart You`re My Soul `98, In 100 Years, Jet Airliner, Give Me Peace On Earth, Geronimos Cadillac, Atlantis Is Calling, Brother Louie, Cheri Cheri Lady, You Can Win If You Want, You're My Heart You're My Soul)1 Sexy Sexy Lover (Vocal Version)2 Cinderella Girl3 Cheri Cheri Lady4 Brother Louie5 Doctor For My Heart6 You Can Win If You Want (Special Single Remix)7 It Hurts So Good8 TV Makes The Superstar (Radio Edit)9 Hey You Joint stereo10 Atlantis Is Calling (S. Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul 02. Modern Talking - There's Too Much Blue In Missing You 04. You`re The Lady Of My Heart (New Re-Production) *5. Modern Talking "30th Anniversary Megamix 2014/2015"*: Min. For Love)11 Just Close Your Eyes12 You Are Not Alone13 Win The Race15 You're My Heart, You're My Soul 01. Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want - (Original No 1 Mix '84) 03.

Space Mix '98 ()1-1 Just We Two (New Hit Version) 1-2 TV Makes The Superstar (Remastered) 1-3 Juliet (Remastered) 1-4 Ready For The Victory (Remastered) 1-5 Last Exit To Brooklyn (Remastered) 1-6 Win The Race (Remastered) 1-7 Don't Take Away My Heart (Remastered) 1-8 China In Her Eyes (Remastered) 1-9 Sexy Sexy Lover (Remastered) 1-10 You Are Not Alone (Remastered) 1-11 Brother Louie '98 (Remastered) 1-12 You're My Heart, You're My Soul '98 (Remastered) 1-13 In 100 Years (Remastered) 1-14 Jet Airliner (Remastered) 1-15 Give Me Peace On Earth (Remastered) 1-16 Geronimo's Cadillac (Remastered) 1-17 Atlantis Is Calling (S. Die lustigen Alle Kinder Witze haben etwas gemeinsam, sie bestehen aus einem Reim und beginnen mit "Alle Kinder".Die Witze sind bereits seit den 1980er Jahre bekannt. For Love) Angie's Heart Give Me Peace On Earth Lady Lai Geronimo's Cadillac Jet Airliner You And Me Hey You One In A Million With A Little Love Lonely Tears In Chinatown In Shaire 1. Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want - (Special Single Remix) 03.

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Modern Talking war ein deutsches Popmusik-Duo, bestehend aus Thomas Anders und Dieter Bohlen.

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