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or can you please send me the example with 3 syncfusion dropdownlist with example?

As per your requirement we can achieve it by applying “Cascading” support to our Dropdownlist controls or by changing the Data Source of the other Dropdown list by using “On Value Select” server side event of our Dropdownlist control.

Best regards, Hi, Because it took a while before we got an answer on the forum we allready opened a case last week in the support section.

You can set it inside the Button_Click handler and restore the selected state and current value in Data Bound handler Hello, That seems to do the trick, many thanks! I have placed webdropdown in edittemplate of gridview control and binding this onrowbound of gridview, also we are selecting selected items form db incase of available.

Add(dr) Next Else dt = CType(Session("dt"), Data Table) End If Me. For example I can suggest you keeping the selected item in the session variable.

This will help us provide you an alternative solution.

Thank you For Reply I saw your example but why there is need to bind data source on pre-render event every i do bind third dropdownlist on value select event of 2nd dropdown do i need to bind datasource to second dropdownlist in pre render event?

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Thanks a lot for your patience, I would look into this further as soon as I have the sample created.

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