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The man was on his deathbed and she helped him get a second chance at life.

When lawmakers added a subsection to the tax code called the 401(k) more than three decades ago, they could not have imagined that this string of three numbers and a letter would become a fixture in the financial lexicon.

For examples that show the complete process, see Examples of the Complete Version 4 Signing Process (Python).

But the rise of the 401(k), dating to the early 1980s, has steadily shifted more financial responsibility onto the shoulders of many Americans who are — let’s face it — clueless.

But who is Tristan Thompson and what have the latest young power couple been up to?

Keep reading, because we have everything you need to know about the most-talked about couple.

This turned out to be very importatn, because I had a few bugs (mostly around buffer lengths) that would make things look like they were working.

The first few steps matched the reference output, but not all of them. Here is my test code that I ran to get things working: #import "AWS4Signing Key.h" @implementation AWS4Signing Key (NSData *)hmac Sha256For String:(NSString *)string To Sign with Key:(NSData *)key (NSData *)get Signature Key:(NSString *)key date Stamp:(NSString *)date Stamp region Name:(NSString *)region Name service Name:(NSString *)service Name @end High-fives all around!

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For many others, it’s better than nothing, but it still may not be enough. It’s really a ‘compared to what’ question,” said Eric Toder of the Urban Institute.

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