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Gardner and Assistant Professor of Social Work Gloria Hegge, Ph. Miller MSW graduates from the Wichita area who received pins were, l-r: Cynthia M. They are a very good value-- fabric quality and fit are excellent. They are the "proper" size for him, but they fit a bit snugger than he would like, and is used to for this kind of pant.I also washed them using the type of laundering that they would receive from the wearer. They are a great print, and he does wear them, but not as often due to the fit. "Bub" and Bonnie (Whitehorse) Wagenseller in Cutbank, Mont.

Especially the dinner party episode that aired recently. I WISH gut wrenching stuff like "Sophie's Choice" made me uncomfortable.

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I think we've done this in the past, but I thought I'd bring up another thread.

I was watching parts of "One Hour Photo" on TV last night which I last saw a few years ago.

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Shaw-Woody; Adelita Aldava; Emily Wilder; Martha L.

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  1. The term “Peter Pan syndrome” is derived from the book “Peter Pan” written by J. Barrie about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up and lives in neverland where people do not grow old.