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We have to come back to the topic of the article and as the main point is the first date with Croatian girl, probably, the main focus has to be oriented on Croatian dating culture and its peculiarities.We are going to talk about some hints that are going to help you conquer the heart of Croatian beauty so she had extremely unrestrained and uncontrollable desire to have the next date with you but at the same time she would sweetly suffer to say it loud and wait until you propose it first. Historical references to Croats in the Holy Roman Empire date back to the ninth century.Stories connect the name "Croat" ( Hrvat ) with a powerful military chieftain in the early Middle Ages and an Alan word for "friend." Regional cultures are considered variations on the larger category of "Croatian," including the cultures of Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, and Zagorija.This is not generally true of non-Croat and non-Slav populations in other regions, such as Italians in Dalmatia and Hungarians in Zagreb.Before the recent war (1991–1995), there was a large Serb population in the region known as the Military Frontier ( Vojna Krajina ) who did not identify with Croatian culture.You should not address a person by their first name until you are told to do so.

Here are four things you should know about Croatian culture: When attending a social gathering, do not be surprised if the host introduces new people to their guests starting with women then moving to men, from oldest to youngest.

He gives the money to parents on the day of their childs baptism.

He has even hung a list of around 80 acceptable names on the door of his church to help parents choose an appropriate one, the daily "Slobodna Dalmacija" has reported.

Failure to greet someone at events or gatherings that traditionally require a greeting or providing an exceedingly familiar greeting to mere acquaintances, are both serious offenses of Croatian social etiquette.

When invited to a local household, bring flowers to the hostess and make sure there are an odd number of stems.

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The Croats are family oriented people and have very close relationships with their extended families.

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