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Ali has been working through intense pain in both knees and a wrenched back from lifting Ohno in the group swing dance last month. There's been a lot of frustration." Ohno and his partner, Julianne Hough, had the additional anxiety of a total wardrobe malfunction during Monday afternoon's dress rehearsal: The white satin costumes for their freestyle simply didn't fit. " says Ohno, pointing to a four-inch extension to the hem of both pant legs. "I've heard a lot about that," says her fiancé, Zack Wilson, 25, a pre-dental student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah."I actually picked him up twice," says Ali, "and I knew I hurt something." The fatigue and anxiety about Tuesday night's final outcome had clearly seeped into this past week's rehearsal halls. "We had three times the commitment with the show, and three times the media. Wilson, soft-spoken, dark-haired and good-looking, had just flown in after spending a month in China, where he had been part of a performing-arts group from the university.It had been rumored that he had a relationship with Julianne Hough, his partner on "Dancing with the Stars" (although Hough has been falsely rumored to have "relationships" with several of her "Dancing with The Stars partners").This rumor, which started in 2005, while he was dating Baver, still remains unconfirmed, although is most unlikely.As if making piles of money playing sports for a living weren't amazing enough, so many professional athletes today are also A-List celebrities in their own right.Meaning they attract actresses, models and socialites like rapper DMX attracts the local authorities—which, for those of you who don't know, is often and with ease.It’s going to be a great segment later in the show. Right now let’s check in with Boston and our good friend the chief Genealogist for the New England Historic Genealogical Society and American Ancestors.org, David Allen Lambert. David: Greetings from Beantown, and not far from the first Thanksgiving! So carrier status, wellness, traits, ancestry, just click on that and you can see like in a pedigree view. Fisher: [Laughs] Well, we have a question from somebody. This listener’s been following all of our advice about recording and videoing and dealing with audio. In this situation, his weakest link is his internal microphone. Pick up a magazine like Video Maker or go to Video They have a lot of good articles of how to mic people to make sure you’re doing it right. Fisher: [Laughs] I don’t know if they had a lot of dogs back there. I mean hopefully they were not part of the first feast. [Laughs] David: [Laughs] But sharing things doesn’t always have to be from humans. I think the term “hoarders” comes from the New England attic. David: My great grandfather was in the Canadian expeditionary forces in World War I. Fisher: [Laughs] David: During the Liberty War Bonds Drive back in World War I, if you purchased a war bond for a certain amount of money, they gave you a token that was made from a piece of a German cannon captured during the war. David: So I now have a piece of a cannon that fits my pocket and it’s a piece of an artefact that could have been you know from a cannon on a battlefield, that my great grandfather was trying to attack. In the new Neanderthal report we’ve chained it up a little because there’s been some new data coming out.

Whether or not you've spit in a cup yet, you're going to want to know where this exciting field is going. Tom is going to save you a lot of heartache and errors! That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show! I wanted to share a little story with you and wanted people to know, the first leftovers actually probably occurred during the first Thanksgiving. There were many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest the greatest king Massasoit were some 90 men for whom three days we entertained and feasted.” Basically what you’re caring about is a Thanksgiving that lasted for days. Well in Russia, in a Catholic cathedral, in the Cathedral of Assumption in Zelenograd, 40 miles west of Moscow, they have found scraps of paper that had been put away in nests from birds since the 19 century. In this roof that they were redoing in this 15 century cathedral, they found fragments of letters dating back to the 1830’s records that was written in calligraphy from the 1820s to ‘50s and these are all torn apart by birds. If I was there, I’d probably want to bring back some sort of a souvenir you know, like maybe a German cannon. And show you exactly, you know, on a chromosome 1 chromosome 2 exactly where to find it.Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society and American And Apolo has been digging into his past trying to figure out some of his background. So if you want to know anything about your relatives, your friends that you connected with, you can go to this one easy tool. ) Plus, a flock of Russian birds that have gathered pieces of antique documents in their nests. And David has another free database of the week from NEHGS! Robin Smith from 23and Me talking about some of the new report features that are available. Plus later in the show, very excited to have Olympic speed skating champion Apolo Anton Ohno on for a segment! So now in the new experience, basically what we’ve done is, centralize all that information."I have no idea who's going to win this," says dance pro Jonathan Roberts, who stopped by to chat just moments before this Monday night's competition began.He was seated in the audience with his former celebrity partner, Heather Mills.

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